5-G, Is It Going to Solve your Problems ?

5G is going to solve Basic mobile problems ?
We have been witnessed so many changes in the industry of mobile from years. We can remember from where it has started. Very first thing we have seen in mobile era was G, yes the same GPRS thing that you have started seeing in the 2G generation. There were so many limitations in this era. And to overcome from these limitations we get 3G. It was the 3rd generation of mobile evolution. And there are also a few limitations, so we came in to 4G. This 4th generation served us a lot. As we can see a smart mobile phone in any other hand now. Now for the matter of mobile sensation, we are about to witness a new era that is named as 5G. This is the 5th generation of mobiles evolution. Tech geeks and so many entrepreneurs are working day and night to make it happen to the world.
Now real question is what are the basic problems we think this 5th generation is going to address. Is it the matter of speed.? We can say that is also an issue. but what I think can be considered as basic problem of all time is:

1: Coverage
2: Price
3: Call Drop

These problems are following every single user from years. We can see Each generation has set out to fix the flaws of its predecessor: GSM fixed the security weaknesses of analogue telephony, 3G was meant to sort out GSM’s lack of mobile data and, given it didn’t much succeed, 4G was needed to finally make consuming data less of an unpleasant experience.
Now the 5G is meant to make less data consumption’s and give us a reliable speed, but again are we going to get a reliable service ?
Reliability is services of any of the service provider is something relating to their infrastructure and machine level development towards the network. And if we go with the facts will get some other picture. And that is the basic reason for not getting good network. Our network providers are not caring about the infrastructure well, and that is causing all the users so many pain of call drops and bad Internet connections.

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