5 Amazing Car Parts You Didn’t Know Can Be Recycled

Replacing the old, worn-out auto parts has been a major chapter in every driver’s story. Not everyone knows about this; but, all users should know that there are certain parts that must be replaced after a year of use or after breakage. Maintenance is quite pricey especially for those old-time vehicles that require a lot of repairs from time to time. But if you think that repairs and replacements are costing you more than the actual amount of your vehicle, then maybe it’s about time to let it go. Abandoning your old vehicle can help open new doors to more reusable items. Because if you haven’t known yet, roughly 80 to 90% of car parts are actually recyclable and five examples are listed below:
Metal Scraps
Your vehicle is composed of different types of metals such as aluminum, steel, iron, and titanium. Due to its durability, about 65% of steel surrounds the entirety of most vehicles from the doors, body, and wheels up to certain interior parts. Hence, among these recyclable metals, steel is unsurprisingly the most valuable. While aluminum is a way lighter, it is mostly used in modern vehicles. In contrary, iron is a little heavier and is generally used for vintage automobiles. Titanium is rarely used for manufacturers find it hard to use it.

All these metal scraps are melted and shredded to form and give a new life to other objects such as:

  • Metal blocks
  • Home furnishings
  • Lighting
  • Food containers
  • Beverage cans


Not even experts can tell when exactly is the best time to replace your tires. Although proper care can extend the lifespan of tires, natural aging and overuse can make them last. And there’s no other option but to replace them with new ones. You don’t just throw away your old tires otherwise they can eventually become home of rodents and insects which carry different forms of diseases. Also, not many of us know that burning depleted tires can increase the risk of air pollution. So the best thing to do with your worn-out tires is to send them to junkyards or recycling centers. Tires will then be extracted into various materials composing them. The extracted materials will create their equivalent byproducts. Rely on the table below:

Material Byproducts
Rubber Rubber mats, playground ground cover, sealing materials, asphalt, speed bumps
Nylon and Fiber Carpet, Fiberglass, concrete mixes, cleaning materials
Tire-derived aggregate Civil engineering projects such as road repairs and landfills

Car Mats
Mats are the very basic car accessories that you can find in almost all types of automobiles. Given that 99% of car mats are non-biodegradable, the best way to decompose them is through recycling. The method includes a series of mechanical division instead of the standard chemical processes. Recyclers/manufacturers grind the divided materials to form a chip that is used to create a resin. Resin refers to a content element found in plastics.
Almost all states require users to either surrender the exhausted battery to recycling centers or return them to its manufacturer. This ordinance aims to prevent environmental contamination from its toxic chemical content. These contents such as lead and acid are refined and reused in order to create a whole new battery. Thus, most of the batteries today are 80% recycled.
Glass windshield/windows
People were grateful to discover the glass recyclability since its shattered pieces are harmful in every way. The glass element of windshields is covered with plastic layers. Similar to car mats, broken windshields also proceed to several processes of mechanical separation of glass from plastic layers in order to form reusable objects such as beverage bottles, fiberglass insulation, and concrete blocks. While plastic parts including the dashboard, door handles, lighting, and mirror cases are melted to form several products .

By: Sarah Contreras

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