It’s Okey!!! To not Having a Goal in Your Life…

This is not about how much time you fail, Yes! Every time you fail you get to know something that is more required being successful. In my terms, it is ok that you do not have a goal in your life, but have a vision. A vision that may fulfill your shortcomings, and that may serve a soul purpose of your inner voice. May be you can be a great influencer, or may be not, but making money for your living is enough to survive these days. But what I suggest, think again!! is it really and only you who is surviving in the scary arena? No! Then what better you are doing than others? And here comes the vision you have .. instead of surviving if you are living your life and making other to eligible to live upon their expectations. Yes! You are doing something worthy now. The real vision of life have to be like passing onn… What ever you have been through, let the other not face the same, pass your knowledge, pass your journey, pass your painful path, so that at-least one can learn from it and make his life better. People comes and goes and the world remain same, there is nothing important than leaving legacy behind, at-least you can say then, This was the world you were there. Make it your world a better place to live and start doing it by today. May be you are thinking that, you are not Gandhi, or any other like him who tried to change the world, NO! hang on, you don’t have to be Gandhi or anyone else, be exactly what you are.

Don’t just overthink that what you are, what you have done, or what you are doing with your life. Just think how better you have done what ever you are doing.

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