Taking advantage of the data revolution in India

India is fast digitizing its economic sectors. Being the second largest online market of the world, India aims to digitally empower itself and the Government of India through its Digital India initiative has taken big steps towards that goal. With more than 200 data based startups, the national atmosphere is one of encouragement as programs like the Atal Innovation Mission funds data based startups with Rs 10 crore for developing 5th gen technologies and implementing data science techniques. The NITI Aayog has developed a definite roadmap to bring about a revolution in order to achieve that Digital India dream.

Challenges faced!

Although India has a massive work force with a big youth population, yet there are many challenges restricting India’s capability to fully explore the potential of data based techniques like data analytics.

In India a massive number of students graduate in engineering every year. However, the biggest problem that India faces today is the lack of a talent pool in data based technologies. For instance, a study by Analytics India reported that less than 2.5% of India’s engineering graduates possess skills in next generation technologies like data engineering, data science, AI etc. This is a massive blow as data is the ‘oil’ of a digital economy and data science professionals occupy a key position in it.

How you can take advantage of the situation?

A report by Economic Time in 2018 suggested that demand for data science professionals in India has grown by 400%. Already a staggering figure, the number is all set to rise as supply of such professionals is comparatively very low. It indicates that despite of a boom in employment opportunities in the field of data science and analytics, there are few takers for such opportunities. And hence, you can easily take advantage of it by training yourself in data science tools and platforms. For example the advanced analytics software by SAS institute is very popular in the world of data analytics and used by corporate biggies like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Accenture.

The SAS analytics tool:

The SAS has been the leader in the world of analytics for quite some time and has an unrivalled reputation in the market. With most of the fortune 500 companies using SAS as the preferred analytics tool one might wonder about the advantages it offers:

  • Easy to learn and use. The SAS analytics platform is so designed that even individuals who are new to analytics wouldn’t take time to master it.
  • A reliable user support system.
  • Easy debugging.
  • Ability to handle huge data sets.
  • Has a huge job market as most private firms prefer SAS.

Thus, with an Online Training  you can easily acquire proficiency in this popular data analytics platform and take the advantage of booming employment opportunities in the field of data in India. Moreover, an SAS online training can also fetch you a job at the biggies like Google and Facebook thereby giving you a stable and secure future.

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