What You Think that Matters …..????

One day while at walking with one of my best friend, I asked a silly question to him. And he replied that very beautifully ….
Let me tell you the whole incident….. We are college mates so, we are very frank with each other, once while we were going for a walk I asked him that .. What is your perception about thinking …. mean-while we think alot but we accomplish a very few….. Why…???
He replied :
See .. Its all about your own perspective of thinking,
You only think that you can, or I can say any one in the world only think that he or she can…. !!!
I asked How..???
he again explained… Suppose you can think about making a computer program which can make a logical value or something like that.. ..
I nodded in yes… But on the other hand a rickshaw puller will never think about any program or something, … supposingly he can think about having a transport company but never about programming..
This is what….. the difference is. You only think what you can…!!!
I started analyzing about this theory, and i found that this is damn true.
In this way I found some other facts..
The Very first one is: Knowledge It improves your thinking capacity.
Secondly : Environment from where you belongs is also effects your thinking power.
Thirdly : And I can say most Importantly: Your Health.. If you are healthy then only your thoughts will be healthy.
So If we know what ever we can think we can do then What stops us for doing great things….???
The most prominent answer that I have found for this question is FEAR.
People fear for for doing great things. And the only way to erase this fear from your life is to face it.
So start living … and start thinking… because what ever you think you can…!!!

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